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PMR Ltd goes International and are again invited into South East Asia....

Nora Doherty, Director of PMR Ltd

has led mediation trainings in SINGAPORE and SHANGHAI for top HR Professionals

- have 20 years experience as world class specialists in Workplace Mediation

- abide by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators

- were the 'first' to offer accredited training in 'Workplace Mediation' in the UK

- were the 'first' to offer an accredited 'Supervision' training for Mediators in UK



 About Us 

PMR Ltd is a long standing, independent mediation training and consultancy that delivers clear professional transformative qualities in all that it offers.

PMR Trainers, Mediators and Consultants are highly experienced with many years of carrying out mediations for organisations and, in particular, with in-depth awareness of the dynamics of work relationships, emotions and the importance of inclusion and acceptance of difference.


Nora Doherty, Director of PMR Ltd, is an independent Mediation and Conflict Management Consultant. After twenty years as a freelance therapist and Management Trainer, she created PMR Ltd in 1996 in order to offer specialist training and consultancy in workplace mediation for organisations and businesses in the UK and worldwide along with her team of Mediators and Trainers. She is also highly experienced in carrying out independent workplace mediations between individuals or teams, including bullying/ harassment or grievance complaints.

In 1996, Nora saw the need for a specialist accredited training and developed and trade marked the 'Mediation in the Workplace' OCN training course, the first of its kind in the UK. PMR is now one of the leading trainers of workplace mediators in the UK and offers this accredited course as in-house training for organisations.

Nora has worked for a wide range of public and private companies and has a particular interest in developing mediation within organisations as a fairer, more constructive way of resolving differences and inter-employee complaints.

As Senior Mediation Consultant, Nora is available to carry out independent workplace mediations for individuals or teams, or training courses and conferences and workshops, or individual coaching throughout the UK or worldwide - just e-mail her with your request

Seeing the need for more resources in the field of workplace mediation, Nora also created and produced the first DVD of Workplace Mediation in the UK and her comprehensive book has become the standard guide on workplace mediation - 'The Essentials of Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution' was published by Kogan Page in 2008 and can be purchased from Amazon books on the internet (also available as Kindle version)


PMR Ltd is an
Open College Network National Approved Centre and we:

-  abide by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators

-  all of our mediation consultants have successfully completed an accredited workplace mediation training and also undertake continuous professional development

-  we all have full professional indemnity insurance

-  we have a complaints procedure whereby mediation is the first option for resolution

-  we are committed to diversity and anti-discrimination practice in all we do

-  we have particular experience in working with people and are 'relationship experts' which means we are particularly good at dealing with 'complex' mediations where there might be difficult emotions. Our focus is on positive 'rebuilding of working relations' so people can continue to work together in a professional, respectful way.

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